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How do you attract the attention of purchasers as a subcontractor of metal parts? In the context where everything is governed by tender bids, this is a question best answered by Groupe Hyperforme’s partner, CFI Metal.

Today, the firm specializing in the manufacture of metal products explains the 6 key points of its differentiation strategy in the industrial subcontracting market.

1-Excellence of quality

Respecting quality standards is of paramount importance. This is why the quality control assurance system is reliable and solid. The system is audited 4 times a year by an internal resource and annually by the ISO Registry.

2-Turnkey project estimates

Over the years, the development of a method to respond to tender offers in a turnkey manner has become a major asset, given that this is a requirement of many large purchasers.

Whether it is an equipment supplier, an engineering firm or a general contractor, when the contract is awarded to one of Groupe Hyperforme’s partners, like CFI, the purchaser only has to work with one subcontractor.

3-Price-quality ratio

In a market like industrial tender bids, purchasers must submit quality tender proposals. And of course, price remains a factor evaluated by purchasers.

In-depth understanding of the industrial subcontractor market means being able to submit a competitive bid. It is a way to guarantee purchasers a good price-quality ratio without sacrificing product quality.

4-Offer solutions to clients

Sometimes a client will not have noticed certain technical details when issuing the tender offer. Providing various solutions often makes it easier to manufacture parts or reduce their cost.

This is the type of approach that provides excellent communication with the client.

5-Adapt to market fluctuations

As CFI is an SME, its management allows it to be flexible, a quality appealing to many purchasers. This also allows it to react quickly if an investment project is announced.

6-Carry out custom and complex works

This partner of Groupe Hyperforme has developed leading-edge expertise in manufacturing, and its technical abilities make it a key player when a project is announced in the industry.

Who is our partner CFI Metal?

Located in Carleton-sur-Mer, the company founded in 2008

specializes in the custom-made design and fabrication of metal products. With some thirty employees on its team, CFI can manufacture a wide variety of orders, ranging from ore chutes, feed and unloading hoppers, crusher structures, conveyers, acid conduits, etc. The entire team is able to provide turnkey service to meet a tailor-made requirement.

Do you require a trustworthy industrial subcontractor like CFI?

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