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What’s your situation?

Your sales are stagnant? Maybe they’re constantly going up and down, like a roller coaster?
Do you find it difficult to find qualified, high-performing sales representatives?
Your sales strategies, tactics and tools seem inefficient?
Are you looking to optimize your factory’s capacity?
You want to accelerate your company’s growth?
You just want to provide better support to your sales team?

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You Can Count on our Global Approach to Help you Move from your Current Situation to Where you Want to Be.

With over 15 years of experience in business development with the industrial sector along with an impressive network of contacts, we can regularly provide you with new opportunities according to your operational capacity.

What you get with Groupe Hyperforme

  • A business development plan based on our UNIQUE GLOBAL APPROACH.
  • Innovative tools and tactics.
  • Qualified sales opportunities.
  • Optimize your team’s schedule.
  • Improved cost-effectiveness and profitability.
  • Advice on how to convert the opportunities you receive.
  • And so much more.

Good results start with a clear understanding of your REAL issues and a sound strategy.

Establishing a sound business strategy requires solid expertise along with innovative tools and solutions.  All our efforts are focused on understanding your issues and achieving your objectives through our global approach.

Where are your profits going?

Developing a profitable client portfolio is a particularly harsh task that is often complicated by a highly competitive environment. In the industrial sub-contracting sector, a highly damaging operation affecting a company’s cost-effectiveness is its systematic adjustments of costs to increase its sales. If this is something you do, it’s time to stop and contact us!

Why Call Upon the Services of Groupe Hyperforme to Support or Implement your Business Development Plan?

Groupe Hyperforme is an association of independent manufacturers whose primary mission is to generate business opportunities for its members. One voice can be lost in a crowd but as a collective the ability to create new contacts and  promote services grows exponentially and together, our voices are stronger and louder!

Our positioning and visibility are major assets in the particularly competitive market that is the manufacturing industry.

You’ve got nothing to lose by taking a few minutes to talk with us, in fact, you have everything to gain!

Want to Know if our Global Approach is Right for You?

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