3 elements for developing a strategy as an industrial painting subcontractor


To come out ahead in the industrial painting sector, ingenuity is an indispensible asset. You must be creative, keep a close watch on the market, and be unique. This has been Technopaint’s game plan for the past 10 years.

Today, this Groupe Hyperforme partner that is skilled in painting everything from plastic, fibreglass, aluminum, metal and stainless steel, etc. reveals a few of its secrets. Below are 3 elements of its business strategy.


1-Diversification strategy

In a field like industrial painting, Technopaint carved out an enviable position by diversifying itself. It’s a strategy they have adopted both for their service offer and their business development tactical plan.

Many customers have come to recognize Technopaint because they have diversified their skills on several levels at their industrial painting subcontractor plant.

It is also because of this sustained process that the firm has been named as one of only two suppliers for Tnemec‘s Aerolon application in Québec.


2-Respect for the environment

In the industrial sector, it takes a lot of precision when working with materials like paints and solvents. At Technopaint, this matter is taken very seriously.

That’s why Technopaint’s management hires a consulting agency specialized in environmental standards every quarter to ensure that they comply with all required standards in effect.

This initiative from the Groupe Hyperforme partner ensures that the whole plant conforms to the regulations introduced and monitored by the government.


3-Know how to be attractive to potential manpower

The lack of local manpower is a major challenge facing many industries. This is why Technopaint introduced a clever overseas recruitment process to fill the lack of skilled resources.  

Collaboration among factories in the region is also a solution that is occasionally seen in the industry. This Groupe Hyperforme partner uses ingenuity in order to occupy its resources that range from painter to shotblaster, not to mention project managers.  


Who is our partner Technopaint?

Formed in 2006, Technopaint is based in Sainte-Clothilde-de-Beauce, Quebec, and today has approximately forty employees. Specializing in industrial painting, the subcontractor plant offers a wide range of services that include painting, sanding, shot blasting, assembly and much more.

It must be mentioned that Technopaint is skilled at painting most everything, from staircases to truck parts, frames, cabinets, cargo cages, etc. Known for its rigour and efficiency, it offers turnkey services and a guarantee of quality beyond reproach.


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