3 key elements to successfully establish a sustainable business in the industrial sector


When you’re at the head of a family business in the industrial field making electrical cables and  harnesses, it is important to develop a business strategy that transcends generations. How do you stay at the top of your customers’ list year after year?

Today, Connexion Technic, a partner of Groupe Hyperforme, elaborates on its view of the industry by citing 3 key points.



For Connexion Technic, it was necessary to have a plan capable of supporting technological innovation and training its employees how to integrate it. It is this acceptance of new technologies that allowed it to diversify its skills and services.

In addition to having obtained ISO 9001 certification, today the firm holds  

IPC/WHMA-A-620 certification from the Association Connecting Electronics Industries and CSA-UL/NASA-ABB certification issued by NASA.

So, to progress, it is necessary to be bold and think ahead.


2-Product diversity

To maintain its enviable position in the electrical harness market, Connexion Technic ensured it kept an open mind. This is how, from one generation to the next, the father and son continued with some products and developed other products, services and technological processes for their customers.

In step with market trends, this partner of Groupe Hyperforme now manufactures harnesses that range in size from 200 feet long down to the size of a human hair, thanks to micro-welding. However, some things never changed: in the performance of their tasks, each team member adheres to the strictest standards set by the purchasers. It is one of the ingredients that contributes continuously to the success of the firm.


3-Strong company values

When a family-owned industrial company exists since 1994 and keeps on growing, it can only inspire confidence. Nevertheless, to successfully complete a business transition, Connexion Technic has had to rely on well-founded company values. And these had to be shared by both the firm’s founder as well as his successor.

While Groupe Hyperforme’s values are many, the underlying value is undoubtedly mutual respect. This is the reason it has a presence in all relations, whether it concerns a supplier, purchaser, associate, supervisor, employee, etc. At Connexion Technic, everyone plays an important role to provide a good customer experience.

So to make one’s mark in the harness manufacturing industry, and to do it at the head of a family business, it is important to think about sustainable business values. And here, according to both father and son, they remain the same.  


Who is our partner Connexion Technic?

Based in the Quebec City region, Connexion Technic is a business that has made its name in the electrical cables and harnesses manufacturing industry. Its team of technicians and engineers serve clients in a wide variety of industries, including the advanced technology, military, transportation, energy, health and many other sectors.

Recognized throughout the province of Quebec, its excellent reputation crosses Quebec’s and even Canada’s borders, extending into South America and Europe.


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