Four Essential Documents to Succeed your Industrial Subcontracting Project


In the manufacturing sector, a growing number of businesses make use of subcontracting in order to reduce their production costs, offer high-quality products, and fulfill all their orders.

Subcontracting also accelerate their business growth and increase their income, but it must be carefully planned. An exhaustive description of the technical work to be carried out is therefore mandatory to ensure the qualitative success of each project. Here are the four documents you need to succeed your subcontracting project:

1- Outline Specification:

One of the first things you should consider before outsourcing a part of your company’s production is to prepare a general description of the product or of the tasks you would like to outsource. This implies a good knowledge of the site of execution, materials, and production standards.

The outline specification is also a great opportunity to draft a summary of the relevant information because a brief description of the products and their specifications would facilitate communication and exchanges between production managers and administrators and / or other managers.

2- Job Specification:

Also called the technical specifications, this document is often quite massive, since it is meant to be comprehensive, detailed, and accurate. It is useful both, during the contract preparation stage and subsequently, throughout the execution of the subcontracting project. This document is where the various tasks and responsibilities of the subcontractors are specified. Hence, this document is essential for the completion of all required tasks in order to ensure that the final product fulfills the use for which it is intended.

It states the required skills and experience of the production manager in order to lead tasks depending upon the requirements of the project. It describes with great details the related tasks, thus enabling the subcontractor to achieve them in optimum conditions.

3- Shop Drawings, Working Drawings, and Assembly Drawings:

Basically, they are drawings, diagrams, images, and work samples provided to illustrate the details of the products, as well as a large amount of closely related information.

Since they are attached to the technical specifications, these drawings must clearly indicate the implementation and assembly details to achieve the outputs based on specific dimensions. The subcontractor will be responsible for coordinating each of the drawings with the requirements regarding the components of the products. Amendments to these drawings shall require prior written approval and must be clearly identified in order to avoid any mistake due to misunderstanding.
The absence or inaccuracy of the drawings can lead to omissions, inaccuracies, minor errors, contradictions, or worse, manufacturing errors.

4 – Performance specification:

This document completes the job specification since it does not describe the ways to carry out the tasks, but it sets the goals as well as the standard of performance. The use of this type of document has an important impact on the production process and the quality of the final products.

Although this document provides a greater possible scope for initiative to the subcontractor, the latter must own deeper technical skills and thus, take on more responsibilities. Performance requirements are easily verifiable through testing and measuring devices.
As a general practice in the industrial subcontracting world, technical specifications include all four documents described above with different proportions depending on the complexity of the products, the required skills of the subcontractors, the authorized actions, the division of responsibilities, the risks, and the costs.

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