Waterjet cutting is a unique process that has made its mark in the industrial sector. However, to remain at the top of the market, one must show ingenuity. This is the reason Hydro Coupe opted for company mergers in 2008. 

Now the firm is sharing the three concrete advantages it perceived following the adoption of this process. Track the progress of a firm that made its mark in the industry with its team approach. 

Improvement of the management process

Many positive changes were made to the management process following the merger. This had a considerable impact on the way Hydro Coupe’s team was able to offer its waterjet cutting service.

This was apparent on several levels, including:

  • Improved delivery times (3 to 5 days)
  • More leeway for rush projects

The organization was optimized on many levels, to the full benefit of our clients.


Maintenance and updating of machinery

Following the merger, Hydro Coupe invested in the maintenance and updating of machinery used in the factory. Thanks to this investment, waterjet cutting operations sped up, while producing better quality results and maintaining the same objectives: to be more effective, and of course even safer.

The whole process has become safer and more effective.


Mobilization of human resources

The merger strategy adopted by Hydro Coupe had a positive effect on all employees. Although in some cases, factories have to deal with the departure of some employees, at Hydro Coupe everyone has remained committed to the company.

Better still, it even bolstered the employees’ team spirit. Everyone came together to ensure the change worked, and communications always remained a top priority for all members of the production team and administrative staff.


Who is our partner Hydro Coupe?

Hydro Coupe opened its doors in 1994 in the City of Sherbrooke. The factory has approximately fifteen employees, including welders, industrial designers, laborers and management staff.

For many years, the subcontracting firm has been recognized for its expertise in waterjet cutting operations. Using a highly effective method, it is possible to cut all kinds of metal, composite, plastic or fiberglass without damaging the material or producing toxic residue in the environment.


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